The New Google Places: Google Local Carousel

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Google Local Carousel - The New Google Places?

Google have recently released a new method of displaying search results. At the moment it is only being rolled out in the US, but our continued motivation to keep all customers at the forefront of Google marketing knowledge means that we want to share this information with you. From experience we also know that everything trialled in the US ends up over here very shortly after, so this helps us, and you, be prepared to get everything right as much as possible!


How Are Searches Currently Displayed?

At present when carrying out a search on Google you have 3 choices of where to view your results. There are Adwords links in the boxes at the top, bottom and side of the search results, these are usually accurate for what the customer needs and written in a way that “sells” the company that is advertising. Location registered companies have results that are also shown on a geographical map helping the person searching establish how close or far away a business is. Then there are also the organic listings which depend on many factors and often don’t tally exactly with what the searcher wants.


What Is Google Local Carousel?

The carousel system is a new way of displaying results for businesses. As an example, if you searched for “Dallas Hotels” using a Google search then across the top of the page you will see a long horizontal scrolling box with pictures of relevant businesses, a link to the site and a link to any online reviews. (We apologise for using an american search, but for now this functionality is only available in the US). Please take a look below at how the search page is changed with the addition of the local carousel.


What Are The Advantages Of A Carousel View?

With so many people using mobiles and tablets to search on Google it has become necessary to devise a way of displaying search results in a mobile or tablet friendly manner. The traditional method of displaying results meant that businesses HAD to appear in the top 2 or 3 results to appear on a handset. The new carousel system will allow users to slide their finger through the results and quickly view a wide range of businesses, view an associated picture and then see how many reviews are online.


How Will This Benefit My Business?

At present, this system is only available for certain search categories on Google US, however, your account manager will be keeping up to date with this and Townpages will be working out how to make this system work the best for our customers. In the meantime, we recommend that all local businesses are fully registered and signed up with Google Places and that you encourage your customers to post positive reviews of your business online. You will then have the best chance of being in the right position to benefit from the introduction of Google Local Carousel.


Any Further Questions?

As ever, if you want to know more or would like to have a chat with your account manager about any aspect of your service, give them a call or send an email – Townpages are always happy to help!

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